Democracy in a Time of Coronavirus

The real reason we failed in our response to the pandemic: our weak social contract.

By Danielle Allen


The Challenge of India’s Democratic Backsliding

It threatens the U.S.-India relationship. Unfortunately, the United States’s backsliding does, too.

By Milan Vaishnav


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Can America’s Political Polarization Be Fixed?

By Amy Walter


China’s Assertive Authoritarianism

No longer a system maintainer or reformer, China seeks to transform the international system.

By Elizabeth Economy



What Biden’s Message Should Be

People need to know what the President is for. But more important, they need to know what—and who—he is against.

By Jeff Hauser Max Moran


Whither Inflation?

Whether we're able to get past high inflation in a year or two will depend in large part on how well we move past COVID. Here's why.

By Richard Vague


Ending Corporate America’s Coercive Contracts

Our existing contractual legal regime allows corporations to further exploit their power over workers and consumers. But public policy can, and should, change that.

By Daniel A. Hanley


COVID's Forsaken Fighters

In a society where poor health is seen as a matter of personal responsibility, not the common good, the death of people with underlying health issues is sadly normalized.

By Sophia Crabbe-Field

Book Reviews

Hey, It's a Start!

The new thing in government problem-solving is “human-centered design.” It’s an impressive corrective to market-driven theories—up to a point.

By Lawrence R. Jacobs

Book Reviews

The Constitutional Conversation

Akhil Amar’s riveting new book carries three valuable lessons for liberals today.

By Simon Lazarus

Book Reviews

Elvis Was in the Building

Many Cold War-era manifestations of American high and pop culture were great, for sure. But what if any thematic thread binds them?

By Jordan Michael Smith

Book Reviews

Concrete Jungles?

Yes, America’s cities have problems. But are progressives really destroying them?

By Tracy Hadden Loh


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