Book Reviews

The COVID Crises (Plural)

By Diane Coyle

Book Reviews

Proving Democracy Works

By Daniel Ziblatt


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Cruelty Has Consequences

President Biden needs to reverse course on immigration to keep his promise about moving away from his predecessor’s vision.

By Deepak Bhargava Cristina Jiménez Moreta

Voices of the Virus

The Impact of Mandates 'Has Been Dramatic'

From vaccine mandates, to combating disinformation spreaders, to scaling up rapid testing and ensuring Big Pharma is held accountable for global supply, Dr. Céline Gounder tells Democracy how we can navigate our way out of this pandemic.

By Céline Gounder


Will China’s Debt Bomb Explode?

The Evergrande crisis is serious for China and a few other countries, but no, it won’t tank the global economy.

By Richard Vague

Book Reviews

The Forever Wars

The 20 years since 9-11 have seen many changes to U.S. foreign policy—not many of them good.

By Laura Rozen


Old Dog, New Tricks

Retraining and the Road to Government Reform

By Beth Simone Noveck


The Second Declaration

By Lucius


A More Democratic Federalism?

How our government could be more effective and trusted, not just ambitious.

By Xavier de Souza Briggs Joel Rogers

Book Reviews


New York, New York: Unimaginable, sometimes almost uninhabitable; and without question, the Greatest City on Earth.

By Eric Alterman


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