A roundtable discusses recent incremental victories, how the movement has changed in the last decade, and what’s next.

The Future of Gun Reform

By Jennifer Mascia Greg Jackson Jr. Po Murray Igor Volsky Garen Wintemute


Welcome to the Winning Middle-Out Era

The lesson from the midterm elections is to keep doing popular things that help working people.

By Nick Hanauer

Book Reviews

Can Fintech Really Save Us?

Many believe that fintech is our best shot at democratizing wealth. The history is more complicated.

By James Ledbetter

Book Reviews

Those Boomer Democrats

By Mark Schmitt

Book Reviews

Donkey Strong

When the Democratic Party stays close to the people, it wins.

By John Milton Cooper, Jr.


The Future of Global Democracy

By The Editors


Rethinking Arthur Burns, the “Worst” Fed Chair in History

An inflation-fighting strategy for today might come from the most unlikely of sources.

By Chris Hughes


Elevating Pro-Democracy Republicans

By Sarah Longwell


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