The mission of Democracy is to build a vibrant and vital progressivism for the twenty-first century that builds on the movement’s proud history, is true to its central values, and is relevant to present times.

Democracy will publish on a quarterly basis and serve as a place where ideas can be developed and important debates can be spurred.

We do not seek to publish policy papers; we’ll leave the important details on budget line items and dollar figures to others. Rather, we seek breakthrough thinking on the concepts and approaches that respond to the central transformations of our time: the breakdown of the ladder of upward mobility; the promise and problems of an information-based, globalized economy; new national security threats which cross old boundaries and defy old assumptions from jihadist terrorism and nuclear proliferation to climate change, pandemics, and poverty; and a society where people work and live in new and different ways.

Progressives have been at their best when we are both rigorous in looking at the world as it is and vigorous in introducing creative approaches to remake the world as we believe it should be. Democracy is not interested in either reiterating the conventional wisdom or maintaining unity around outdated orthodoxies. We see our role as upsetting tired assumptions, moving past outdated and obsolete divisions, and stretching the envelope of what is accepted by and of progressives.

Our ambitions are large—as is the scale of the work before us—but we have no doubt that ideas can change the course of our nation. Now is the time to fashion a new progressivism for the twenty-first century, and we welcome all who are willing to join in this conversation.

Read the Editors’ introductory letter from our inaugural issue.


Founding Editors: Kenneth Baer, Andrei Cherny

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Director of Strategic Partnerships: Diana Rogalle

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Editorial Advisory Committee

E.J. Dionne, Chair

Robert Abernethy, Melody Barnes, William Budinger, Christopher Edley, Ezekiel Emanuel, William Galston, Leslie H. Gelb (in memoriam), Nick Hanauer, Elaine Kamarck, Karen Kornbluh, Eric Liu, Robert Reich, Cristina Rodríguez, Isabel Sawhill, Bernard Schwartz, Theda Skocpol, Anne-Marie Slaughter, Richard Vague, Sean Wilentz

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