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Making Sense of a Diverse, Post-Trump Future

Conversations with young Americans reveal some of the deep challenges that will linger long after this presidency is over.

By Nathan Pippenger

How to Interpret a Catastrophe

Does denunciation make it harder to defeat Trumpism?

By Nathan Pippenger

A Party at War?

Are Republicans really at war, or is it a lot of hot air, obscuring their shared interest in tax cuts for the wealthy and corporations?

By Kevin Mattson

The Forgotten Roots of Antifa

Although defenses of Antifa, like a recent one in The New Inquiry, are relevant, the movement may do well to remember its less romanticized intellectual roots, from Orwell to Camus.

By Kevin Mattson

The Depth of Trump's Cruelty to DREAMers

Among undocumented immigrants, DREAMers are the group closest to enjoying what scholars call "social citizenship." That's why removing them is especially pointless and cruel.

By Nathan Pippenger