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There Are Two Ways of Thinking About the "Crisis of Democracy" Debate

The basic difference in perspectives at the heart of this discussion.

By Nathan Pippenger

The Kids' Crusade

Will a generation accustomed to instantaneous results keep up the fight for gun control?

By Kevin Mattson

Zuck, Murdoch, and Crisis of Epistemic Breakdown

Worried about American institutions? Don't expect a chastened, post-2016 Facebook to come to the rescue.

By Nathan Pippenger

The Demise of the Conservative Intellectual

Attacking educated “elites” is red meat for conservative politicians. But for intellectuals to go down that same road is a grave danger to our democratic discourse.

By Kevin Mattson

Making Sense of a Diverse, Post-Trump Future

Conversations with young Americans reveal some of the deep challenges that will linger long after this presidency is over.

By Nathan Pippenger