Book Reviews

Unsafe European Home

The refugees keep coming—and the xenophobia keeps intensifying. Can multiculturalism win in Europe?

By Sarah Wildman

Women Can Be Racists, Too

The jarring story of the major role played by white supremacist women in the South during the twentieth-century—and beyond.

By Marjorie J. Spruill

Racism Didn't Stop at Jim Crow

Richard Rothstein’s history of the racist housing policies of governments—yes, even liberal ones—is searing, revealing, and embarrassing.

By Samuel R. Bagenstos

At the Mercy of the Tech Gods

Franklin Foer offers many keen insights, but ultimately his case against the tech giants is too small-bore.

By Thomas Goetz

The Age of Arthur

A new biography reminds us why Arthur M. Schlesinger Jr. and his cohort fell out of fashion, and why that judgment was unfair.

By Richard Parker