Book Reviews

The Immigration Gordian Knot

Immigration outcomes are often portrayed as a product of U.S. policy and will. The real story is more complicated—and more tragic.

By Dara Lind

Markets and the Law

Neoliberalism isn’t just a set of economic precepts—it’s also an architecture of laws passed to reinforce those precepts. Those laws must be changed.

By Amy Kapczynski

Party People

Many recoil at the thought of stronger political parties. But revitalized parties could be exactly what our ailing democracy needs.

By John Sides

Taxed for Being Black

The long arc of racist plunder through local tax codes is shocking—or, well, maybe it’s not, really.

By Victor Ray

Supreme Paradoxes

Roosevelt’s eight Supreme Court justices helped pen some of the Court’s best decisions—and some of its worst.

By Jeffrey Toobin