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The Reemergence of Scooter Libby

Something else to consider in the "is Trump an anomaly?" argument: the pardon which connects Bush and Cheney to Trump.

By Nathan Pippenger

The Obsolescence of Being Earnest

Paul Ryan steps down from Congress and joins his ideological ally Arthur Brooks in retirement. How should we interpret the legacy of these earnest pseudo-wonks?

By Nathan Pippenger

A Tale of Two Columnists

Two recent additions to the NYT’s opinion roster weigh in on the Kevin Williamson hire and provide an instructive contrast.

By Nathan Pippenger

An Important Test for the "Keep Walking" Theory

Gina Haspel's nomination for CIA Director belies the idea that the country has "moved past" the torture era.

By Nathan Pippenger

Taxing for Equitable Growth

Democrats' hands may be tied at the moment when it comes to tax reform. But when the time comes, here are the three areas progressives must focus on.

By Heather Boushey Greg Leiserson