Nathan Pippenger

Still Searching for an Anti-DREAMer Rationale

An anti-DACA argument in The Washington Post shows the gap where Trump and company's justification should be.

The Depth of Trump's Cruelty to DREAMers

Among undocumented immigrants, DREAMers are the group closest to enjoying what scholars call "social citizenship." That's why removing them is especially pointless and cruel.

Don't Overthink This

There's no doubt that Democrats face a lot of problems, but their challenges are far from insurmountable.

Trump's Press Conference Tells You Everything You Need To Know

The President of the United States makes his basic unfitness plain for all to see.

How Should We Think About Inequality?

Research on Seattle's new minimum wage has cast doubt over whether $15 an hour really gave a raise to low-wage workers. An article in Boston Review offers unconventional advice for progressives arguing over that finding: Change the subject.