Isabel Sawhill

Post-Redistribution Liberalism

Changing the tax structure, even radically, won’t really change much. We need to look to pre-tax inequities to transform society.

The Parenting Gap

The first two years of life are crucial. We need to help lower-income parents do better—and demand that they do.

OWS and the Demise of the American Dream

The Occupy Wall Street protest that began in Zuccotti Park in New York City has now spread to hundreds of communities around America. Although the aims of the protesters are a little vague, and the sustainability of the movement unknown, one thing seems clear: A lot of people are angry about the state of our nation and especially the state of our politics.

The Ryan Budget: Voodoo Economics Redux

On Tuesday morning, Republican Representative Paul Ryan released a budget plan that would slash spending over the next few decades with no increase in taxes and very limited cuts to defense programs. It’s like a stool with only one leg. It will not stand.