Jim Sleeper

Eyes Off the Prize

Mark Lilla isn’t wrong about identity politics, necessarily; but he’s wrong to see it as a greater danger than capitalism unchained.

A Tyranny Years in the Making

What results when the market obliterates the civic square? Trump.

The Self-Flattering Assumptions Behind Stacy Schiff's "The Witches"

The Pulitzer Prize-winning Schiff and her researchers parachuted into the Puritan world bringing nothing but the current fashionable, fixed, and self-serving idea of Puritans as sanctimonious scourges and prigs.

Our Puritan Heritage

Ever since Mencken, the Puritans have had a terrible reputation. They deserve a better legacy, and it's time we rediscovered it.

Martial Flaw

How to spin ancient history to justify modern-day orchestrations of military power.