Jim Sleeper

When Immigrants Were Welcomed

Congress has failed immigrants again. But in the 1920s, this plan quieted xenophobes and nurtured new Americans.

Eyes Off the Prize

Mark Lilla isn’t wrong about identity politics, necessarily; but he’s wrong to see it as a greater danger than capitalism unchained.

A Tyranny Years in the Making

What results when the market obliterates the civic square? Trump.

The Self-Flattering Assumptions Behind Stacy Schiff's "The Witches"

The Pulitzer Prize-winning Schiff and her researchers parachuted into the Puritan world bringing nothing but the current fashionable, fixed, and self-serving idea of Puritans as sanctimonious scourges and prigs.

Our Puritan Heritage

Ever since Mencken, the Puritans have had a terrible reputation. They deserve a better legacy, and it's time we rediscovered it.