Michael Fantauzzo

As Seen in Democracy: iGov in Politico

iGov, Ethan Porter and David Kendalls latest Democracy brainchild, was featured on the front page of Politico's website on March 12. Porter and Kendall's editorial, Explaining government's role, outlines the argument from their feature essay in our Spring 2012 issue, Introducing iGov.

Talking Democracy—and Democracy—at the Guiding Lights Weekend

On March 8-10, the Guiding Lights Network will host the Guiding Lights Weekend, an interactive conference on creative citizenship in Seattle, Washington. In time for the event, Democracy launches its Spring 2012 issue this week, featuring a symposium on "Reclaiming Citizenship," discussing progressive first principles on reinvigorating civic life.

"Rethinking Debt" Cited in The New York Times

In a recent post for The New York Times' Campaign Stops blog, Thomas Edsall posed the question: "Does the national debt  which has now reached a cumulative total of $15.4 trillionpose a serious threat to the financial viability of the United States?" Edsall describes the split among the left on this question, highlighting Jared Bernstein's piece, "Rethinking Debt," in the Winter 2012 issue of Democracy.

Wilson Quarterly Highlights "The Church of Labor"

The most recent issue of the Wilson Quarterly features a summary of Lew Dalys essay titled The Church of Labor which first appeared in the Fall 2011 issue of Democracy: A Journal of Ideas.

Reframing U.S. Strategy in a Turbulent World: American Spring?

On January 11, Democracy and the New America Foundation hosted “Reframing U.S. Strategy in a Turbulent World: American Spring?,” a panel discussion about progressive approaches to U.S. foreign policy in the twenty-first century.