Robert Atkinson

The Pro-Growth Minimum Wage

Liberals always want to argue for a higher minimum wage on fairness grounds. But there’s a better and likely more compelling reason.

Net Gains: A Pro-Growth Digital Agenda

A general pessimism over technological progress has crept into the national dialogue. Everywhere one turns there is a new article about how robots are stealing our jobs, how all the gains from innovation go to the rich, or how all...

Financing Innovation with a Carbon Tax

Given the budget crunch, how are we going to afford these new public investments in clean energy innovation? One provocative and bold approach—an innovation carbon price—would dramatically quicken the pace for discovering and developing clean technologies.

Making Washington Focus: First, Re-Educate the Economists

From the IT startups of Silicon Valley to the bioengineering labs of the Research Triangle, America is as full of innovators as ever. But the federal government doesnt do nearly enough to encourage their work. So as we ponder the...

Innovation Nation

Neo-classical economics is bunk. Keynes is dead. What comes next?