2017 Matchable Donation to Democracy

By Michael Tomasky E.J. Dionne Jr.

Democracy Website Honored

By The Editors

New York Times, Vox Cover Levi's Essay on Fracking

Michael Levi's Summer 2015 Democracy essay, "Fracking and the Climate Debate," was recently discussed in The New York Times and on Vox.

By Madeleine Stevens

Liu Discusses Democracy Essay at Aspen Ideas Festival

On June 29, Eric Liu presented his piece from the upcoming Fall 2015 edition of Democracy, "How to Be American," at the Aspen Ideas Festival. Liu discussed his essay with Anne-Marie Slaughter, president and CEO of New America, and an editorial advisory committee member of Democracy.

By Madeleine Stevens

Hanauer and Rolf's "Shared Security" Idea Catches On

Nick Hanauer and David Rolf's Summer 2015 Democracy essay, "Shared Security, Shared Growth" was recently cited on The Washington Post's Plum Line blog and Fusion.

By Madeleine Stevens