Yes, We Can Beat China

Trump’s alarmism is way off base, but he actually has a point about our trade imbalance with China.

By Richard Vague

China: It's Worse Than You Think

Now that China has had its private debt binge, it is entering its bust phase—and the global economy is in for a bumpy ride.

By Richard Vague

The Coming China Crisis

Rapid private-debt growth threw Japan into crisis in 1991 and did the same to the United States and Europe in 2008. China may be next.

By Richard Vague

Enter the Dragon

China has been making huge investments in Africa—and Africans have welcomed it. It’s productive for China, but what about Africa?

By Dayo Olopade

A World of Our Making

The international order that America created will endure—if we make the transition to a grand strategy based on reciprocity and shared leadership.

By G. John Ikenberry