Mocking the Emoluments Clause

The multiple sources of foreign cash flowing to the President represent a triple-assault on self-government.

By Zephyr Teachout

Can the Constitution Survive Trump?

Barney Frank, Caroline Fredrickson, Elizabeth Holtzman, Arturo Valenzuela, and Benjamin Wittes discuss whether the document that has survived so much can outlast this presidency.

By The Editors

Let Freedom Ring

With many Americans finally more open to government intervention, it’s time again to push the left-Rooseveltian meaning of freedom.

By Sophia Crabbe-Field

The Right Against the Law

So state courts hand down decisions you don’t like. What do you do? If you’re on the right, try to defund the courts.

By James Traub

Democracy in Peril

What can we learn from other countries where democracy has suffered? Alas, not as much as these authors believe.

By Sanford Levinson