Democracy in Peril

What can we learn from other countries where democracy has suffered? Alas, not as much as these authors believe.

By Sanford Levinson

Conservative Defenses of the GOP's Tax Bill Are Getting Creative

Some thoughts on penmanship and partisanship, in the 18th century and now.

By Nathan Pippenger

Our Constitution Wasn't Built for Trump

It might finally be time to reconsider the adequacy of our eighteenth-century Constitution for our twentieth-century reality.

By Sanford Levinson

Vox Answers the Gun Question that Nobody Asked

The "Second Amendment as tyrant-killer" argument gets the explainer journalism treatment.

By Nathan Pippenger

Why Have Miranda Rights Failed?

Fifty years after Miranda v. Arizona, Miranda rights have failed to protect against police coercion. What can we now do to change this?

By Erwin Chemerinsky