criminal justice

Criminally Confidential

In reforming our criminal justice system, we must pay greater attention to one oft-neglected issue: the distorted use of criminal informants.

By Jonathan Blanks

Moving Beyond the Snake Pit

How prisons became the de facto “treatment” center for those with mental illness.

By Nancy Tomes

The Perverse Power of the Prosecutor

How responsible are prosecutors for holding back progressive criminal justice reform?

By John Pfaff

The Sessions War on Marijuana

Although he may not be able to truly destroy legal state markets, the Sessions Memo could have important adverse consequences, including on the opioid crisis.

By Jonathan Blanks

The Shield Law Dilemma

As the death penalty reaches its lowest support in decades, pharmaceutical companies have become reluctant open participants in executions. Unfortunately, an increasing number of shield laws may stand in the way.

By Rory Fleming