Demography and Its Discontents

We face momentous choices in the upcoming 2012 presidential election, with one party seeking radical cuts in government and taxes and the other trying desperately to defend social spending and a positive role for government. Twelve years from now, in...

By Ruy Teixeira

The Browning of America

For the American party system, demography is most definitely destiny. When Barack Obama is almost certainly re-elected this November, Latinos will have played a decisive role in crucial swing states like Nevada, Colorado, New Mexico, and Florida, and even in...

By Gary Segura

The Millennials Grow Up

The American electorate has undergone fundamental demographic changes over the past 20 years that will continue for the foreseeable future. These changesin particular, the growth of the millennial generationwill result in a significantly different landscape for the two parties in...

By Andrew Baumann Anna Greenberg

It's Up to Obama

Barack Obamas election was analogous to neither Franklin Roosevelts nor Lyndon Johnsons. His victory was more like Bill Clintons: Neither reflected a shift of the U.S. public in a progressive or liberal direction. In 1992, Clinton made it over the...

By Danielle Allen

The New Biopolitics

How individual reproductive choices made around the world can destabilize the global economy and threaten our security and what we can do about it.

By Jedediah Purdy