Democracy Is an Act—One That Doesn't End on Election Day

The President of the United States is exploiting a deadly pandemic to ratchet up his assault on democracy, sow chaos, and delegitimize the upcoming election.

By Hillary Rodham Clinton

Vandalizing the Post Office

Established in the Constitution, the public post office is crucial to democracy—especially this year. That’s why Trump wants to cripple it.

By Larry Cohen

It's Not a Fraud, Mr. President

I ran Kansas’s successful vote by mail primary. Here’s what I learned—and what states must do now.

By Vicki Hiatt

A Coronavirus Treatment for U.S. Democracy

Our democracy can survive this crisis—but we must take three vital steps to ensure that it does.

By Maresa Strano

Immigrant and Refugee Women: Elected Leaders for the New America

By Sayu Bhojwani