A Party of Entrepreneurs

The Democratic Party has come to increasingly embrace the notion of the "entrepreneur"—but is this really a good thing?

By Lily Geismer

Entrepreneurs: Spread the Start-Up Wealth Around

By Lenny Mendonca Laura Tyson

The Neglected Self-Starter

At this time when the need for jobs and enterprise tops the national agenda, we not only ignore one of the major sources of new jobs and businesses in the economy, but we actually penalize their creation.

By Bob Friedman

Democracy Holds Entrepreneurship Event at National Press Club

On June 30, Democracy hosted Responding to the Jobs Crisis: A Progressive Entrepreneurship Agenda, a symposium that focused on the need for progressive entrepreneurship in todays tough economy. The panel discussion was held at the National Press Club, and made possible with generous support from the Ewing Marion Kauffman Foundation.

By Jack Meserve

From the Ground Up: Fostering Entrepreneurship

The intrepid entrepreneur striking out on his own has always been an essential part of Americas image of itself. Pulling himself up by his bootstrapsor setting up her e-business on a laptop in a coffee shopthe self-made individual is the...

By The Editors