Left for Dead

The coalitions that sustained the traditional left parties in the West have collapsed. New ones can be built—but it won’t be easy.

By Yascha Mounk

Fracking and the Climate Debate

Natural gas isn't holding us back from a carbon-free future. In fact, it may help us get there.

By Michael Levi

A Cleaner Water Act

The Clean Water Act has been a success, but it's out of date and producing diminishing returns. Here's how we modernize it.

By George S. Hawkins


The gains of Copenhagen will be fleeting unless the world's nations create a Global Environmental Organization to enforce them.

By Edward Gresser

Save Kyoto

Stopping climate change will take more than clean-energy investment. We should start by reforming Kyoto, not scrapping it. A response to Michael Shellenberger and Ted Nordhaus.

By Oliver Tickell