A More Democratic Federalism?

How our government could be more effective and trusted, not just ambitious.

By Xavier de Souza Briggs Joel Rogers

A Coronavirus Treatment for U.S. Democracy

Our democracy can survive this crisis—but we must take three vital steps to ensure that it does.

By Maresa Strano

Progressive Federalism: A User’s Guide

States and municipalities have a lot of power to challenge Washington. Here’s how they can put it to use.

By Heather K. Gerken Joshua Revesz

Living Under Someone Else’s Law

From gay marriage to gun control, states pass laws that go against their neighbors' preferences. But "spillovers" are an essential part of democracy.

By Heather K. Gerken James T. Dawson

A New Progressive Federalism

Distrust of states rights exists for good historical reasons, but today, minorities and dissenters can rule at the local level.

By Heather K. Gerken