How Should We Think About Inequality?

Research on Seattle's new minimum wage has cast doubt over whether $15 an hour really gave a raise to low-wage workers. An article in Boston Review offers unconventional advice for progressives arguing over that finding: Change the subject.

By Nathan Pippenger

How Would a Populist Tax?

Spoiler alert: not like Trump.

By Max B. Sawicky

The Middle-Class Tax Cut That Wasn’t

Despite its rhetoric, the Trump Administration is in fact proposing a tax increase for many middle-income families.

By David Kamin

Tyranny of Tax Math…Again

Trump's new tax proposal is indeed the win for the top 1 percent we were expecting.

By David Kamin

Pass the Popcorn for Republican Tax Reform

On the fallacy of Trump's so-called "border adjustment tax," and the Republican civil war it might spark.

By Max B. Sawicky