International Relations

America's Paris Exit, California’s International Turn

Trump has withdrawn from the Paris Agreement, and now it’s time to look toward California for a pathway forward.

By Jake Levine

We Aren’t the World

A new Wilson biography tries to resuscitate liberal internationalism. A tall order—but a necessary one.

By Jordan Michael Smith

The Debate Inside Iran

Some fascinating Iranian intellectuals are laying the groundwork for democracy. What chance of success do they have?

By Nader Hashemi

Rise of the Declinists

With America mired in two wars and a recession, is the country being eclipsed on the world stage?

By Derek Chollet

Restore Trust in America's Leadership

No foreign policy decision since Americas retreat into isolationism in the 1930s has done more to harm American and global security than the Iraq war. The invasion and incompetently executed occupation have devastated Iraq and unleashed a civil war that...

By Ivo Daalder and James Lindsay