The Rebirth of Local News

Newspapers may be dying. But from big cities to Appalachia, great journalists are finding new ways to cover local news.

By Laura Hazard Owen Mike Rispoli Lisa Snowden Nikki Usher Ken Ward Jr.

Pulling the Plug on our Toxic Information Environment

By Laleh Ispahani

‘Pandemic Nihilism [Is] Not the Solution’

Death Panel Podcast’s Beatrice Adler-Bolton tells Democracy why we must confront our individuated approach to health care and protect the needs of the most vulnerable.

By Beatrice Adler-Bolton

Limbaugh Was Partly Scalia and Bork’s Fault

The racist talk-show host didn’t just materialize from the free market. A policy change created him.

By Michael Tomasky

Bulldozing the Public Square

Trump has threatened social media platforms that “discriminate” against conservative content.

By Karen Kornbluh