Middle Class

‘Middle-Out’: More Than a Slogan

In Pittsburgh announcing his $2 trillion infrastructure plan, the President said we need to build our economy “from the middle out.” To some of us, that sounded familiar.

By Nick Hanauer Eric Beinhocker

That Greedy Upper-Middle Class

Will the top 20 percent be willing to forego some of their advantages so that others may rise? Tough one.

By Heather Boushey

Everyone’s Problem

The inequality crisis is truly global, and while fixes aren’t easy, neither are present trends inevitable.

A strong middle class is a source of growth, not merely a result of growth.

How to Rebuild the Middle Class

Half Measures

The diagnosis of trickle-down as the problem is spot-on. The cure falls woefully short. Why are liberals afraid to be liberal?

By Bruce Bartlett