Milton Friedman

The Oh-So Predictable Milton Friedman

A new biography reveals—quite sympathetically—a man who was full of non-surprises.

By Angus Burgin

The New Paradigm: How Fares Post-Neoliberalism?

By Quinn Slobodian

‘Middle-Out’: More Than a Slogan

In Pittsburgh announcing his $2 trillion infrastructure plan, the President said we need to build our economy “from the middle out.” To some of us, that sounded familiar.

By Nick Hanauer Eric Beinhocker

The Friedman Doctrine Revisited

Milton Friedman’s infamous “profits only” manifesto turned 50 this fall. It’s time to bury it.

By Jonathan Soros

Right from the Start?

What Milton Friedman can teach progressives.

By J. Bradford DeLong