Pharmaceutical Industry

Time to End Patent Monopolies

Patent monopolies helped cause the opioid crisis. The COVID crisis has shown we can do better without them.

By Dean Baker

Is a Vaccine Really Coming?

It will take a while, says Yale’s Gregg Gonsalves. And when it comes—the government must consider setting the price.

By Gregg Gonsalves

COVID-19 and the People's Vaccine

After decades of price gouging, a lack of access to essential medicines, and millions of unnecessary deaths, it's time for science in the public interest.

By Sophia Crabbe-Field

It's Time to Confront the Drug Makers

Americans are slowly waking up to the oppressive influence of the pharmaceutical industry on out-of-control drug prices. So why aren't we doing more to stop them?

By Alan Sager

No Free Lunch

Physicians receiving industry meals and other gifts prescribe more company products.  What can be done to protect patients and promote evidence-based prescribing?

By Susan Chimonas