Can We Deliberate, Please?

Why an intriguing recent experiment in deliberative democracy suggests we can scale it up and make use of it.

By James Traub

What’s Next for American Democracy?

Eighteen top experts lay out our ongoing challenges, emergent threats—and how we might come together to address them.

By The What's Next Project

Delivering the (Common) Goods

Democracy is about much more than casting a vote. A response to Deepak Bhargava, Shahrzad Shams, and Harry Hanbury.

By Lauren Jacobs Stephen Lerner Joseph A. McCartin

Ending Corrupt Pardons

Reforming how presidential pardons are awarded presents a rare bipartisan opportunity.

By Daniel Carpenter Harold Pollack

Bloated Government? The Problem Is the Opposite

How well-intentioned budget reforms have been exploited to drain executive agencies of staff and funding.

By Fatou Ndiaye