Supreme Court

Winning Without the Courts

The Supreme Court and other federal courts are lost for a decade. What is progressives’ recourse? Getting serious about multiparty democracy.

By Lee Drutman Aziz Huq

The Issue Is Pluralism

Amy Coney Barrett’s commitment to Catholicism isn’t the issue. Her commitment to religious pluralism is.

By John Halpin

Firing the Inspectors General

A President who can stop legitimate investigations is a President who places himself above the law.

By Richard W. Painter

Corrupting the Judiciary

The politicization of the judiciary was always understood to have certain limits. Then Trump came along.

By Larry Kramer

Saving the Supreme Court

What’s needed is to make the Court more democratically accountable and to end strategic retirements. Here’s how.

By Frederick A.O. ("Fritz") Schwarz Jr.