Supreme Court

Now We Know Why He Chose Gorsuch

The newest justice joins Thomas and Alito in a decision that bodes ill for defeating the travel ban.

By Scott Lemieux

Gerrymandering Goes to the Supreme Court

After Monday's announcement, the fate of our democratic institutions may rest with Justice Anthony Kennedy.

By Scott Lemieux

The House That Ruth Built

For nearly 50 years, Ruth Bader Ginsburg has done more than anyone to build the legal framework for women’s equality.

By Rebecca Buckwalter-Poza

How Bad Will Trump Be for Civil Rights?

Decades of “door-closing” have restricted citizens’ ability to protect their rights through the legal system. A new piece in The American Prospect shows just how bad it could get.

By Nathan Pippenger

The Huge Payoff For Killing Norms

A piece in Pacific Standard argues that Mitch McConnell's Supreme Court gambit was a political masterstroke.

By Nathan Pippenger