The Internet

COVID and the Digital Divide

Should children really have to go to school in parking lot Wi-Fi zones? The virus has clarified the case for action.

By Micah L. Sifry

Yes, It Was That Bad

The media and the Russians helped elect Donald Trump. The pressing question now is, can we avoid a repeat performance?

By Patricia Aufderheide

Dispatches from the Not-Too-Distant Future of "Journalism"

A new article in The Baffler takes readers inside the world of writing sponsored content.

By Nathan Pippenger

Setting Priorities on Cybersecurity

By Jason Healey Klara T. Jordan

HIPAA 2.0: Doctors in the Digital Age

Digital innovation can revolutionize health care—but we need the policies that will allow it to do so. The latest in our series "Our Digital Future."

By Bob Kocher, MD Pat Basu, MD