Unfinished Business

The economy's made halting progress, but the recovery's leaving too many behind. A series of contributors take stock of where we've come in one part of the economy, and what's left to be done.
E.J. Dionne Jr. introduces the symposiumDavid Cay Johnston on TaxesMehrsa Baradaran on Banks Caroline Fredrickson on Families Lenny Mendonca & Laura Tyson on Entrepreneurs Adam Zurofsky on Corporations Amy B. Dean on Workers

By The Editors


Islam And Liberalism

What are the progressive roots within Islam, and can they be strengthened? A roundtable discussion.

By Hassan Abbas Keith Ellison Asra Q. Nomani Ani Zonneveld


Democracy's 10 Year Retrospective

A collection of our favorite essays and book reviews.

By The Editors


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On Israel, a New Consensus

The Democrats' platform changes on Israel-Palestine, while far from perfect, are evidence of significant progress.

By Jeremy Ben-Ami


Why Kennedy Chose Abortion Rights

Why did Justice Anthony Kennedy, a conservative often seen as a wild card on abortion, help issue a Supreme Court decision many are calling one of the greatest victories for abortion rights in the past quarter-century?

By Scott Lemieux


Pragmatism Isn’t Enough

Sanity, pragmatism, and prudence are necessary. But are they sufficient? A response to Joseph S. Nye.

By Richard Just

Book Reviews

The Kochs’ Dangerous Game

What the Koch brothers have built isn’t a political network. It’s a trust. And it must be busted.

By Rob Stein

Book Reviews

They Can Dream, Can’t They?

People laughed at utopians, but that hardly means they were failures who didn’t give us good ideas.

By Brook Wilensky-Lanford

Book Reviews

Everyone’s Problem

The inequality crisis is truly global, and while fixes aren’t easy, neither are present trends inevitable.

By Diane Coyle

Editor's Note

Editor's Note

Michael Tomasky introduces Issue #41.

By Michael Tomasky


Democracy at 10

So much done. Yet so much more to do.

By Kenneth Baer and Andrei Cherny


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