A New Progressive Federalism

Distrust of states rights exists for good historical reasons, but today, minorities and dissenters can rule at the local level.

By Heather K. Gerken


The Private Debt Crisis

China is drowning in it. The whole world has too much of it. History suggests: This won’t end well.

By Richard Vague


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Book Reviews

Can We Live Long and Prosper?

By Joshua Holland

Book Reviews

Theaters of Coercion

Intellectuals and activists have struggled to transform Iran. But Tehran's role in the changing landscape of the Middle East has become the defining story.

By Danny Postel



A Bipartisan Foreign Policy for the Trump Presidency

A leading foreign-policy Democrat lays out five areas in which he hopes for bipartisan consensus.

By Sen. Chris Coons


Direct Action Redux?

With Trump about to enter the White House, it is time for progressives to turn their attention away from the machinations of electoral politics and toward direct action.

By Kevin Mattson


Professional Centrism: Still No Help

In case you were wondering, the No Labels crowd confirms that they have no plan for Trumpism.

By Nathan Pippenger


America After Trump

An introduction to our Issue #43 symposium.

By The Editors


What Next for Liberalism?

One pressing question: How to make the angry people more angry at capital and less angry at government.

By Daniel T. Rodgers


What Did the Press Just Do?

Was that any way to cover a campaign? And what's in store for the media in the Trump era?

By Alex S. Jones


Humility Time

We know what's wrong with "them." But can we admit what's wrong with "us"?

By Susie Linfield


Race in Trump's America

If Donald Trump can do as well as Mitt Romney among people of color, is the left missing something on the politics of race?

By John McWhorter


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