The Democratic Party: From Clinton to Clinton

By The Editors


Islam And Liberalism

What are the progressive roots within Islam, and can they be strengthened? A roundtable discussion.

By Hassan Abbas Keith Ellison Asra Q. Nomani Ani Zonneveld


Democracy's 10 Year Retrospective

A collection of our favorite essays and book reviews.

By The Editors


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Is the Private Prison Industry Still Too Big To Fail?

The astronomical rise of the private prison industry has coincided with a parallel rise in mass incarceration since the 1980s. To defeat one, we must defeat them both.

By Carl Takei


The Rent Is Still Too Damn High

Large cities aren't the only places experiencing a dearth of affordable housing—and that's why it's finally time for a real national response to the crisis.

By Robert Silverman


Vox Answers the Gun Question that Nobody Asked

The "Second Amendment as tyrant-killer" argument gets the explainer journalism treatment.

By Nathan Pippenger


Will Democrats Finally Align With Racial Justice?

From Johnson's "War on Drugs" to Clinton's "Third Way," the criminalization of black bodies in the postwar era has been, until recently, a decidedly bipartisan affair.

By Peniel Joseph


The End of the Security Gap

This year, will Democrats finally reclaim their mantle as the party of national security?

By Matt Bennett Mieke Eoyang


A Party of Entrepreneurs

The Democratic Party has come to increasingly embrace the notion of the "entrepreneur"—but is this really a good thing?

By Lily Geismer

The Alcove

Our Foreign Policy Provincialism

At a time when political institutions are under strain across the globe, American public debate shifts toward navel-gazing.

By Nathan Pippenger

The Alcove

Are We Living in Post-Fact Times?

A new piece in Granta argues that we are living in a "post-truth world"—but Trump's rhetoric is also grounded in distinctly American entertainment culture, one with roots as old as Mark Twain and P.T. Barnum.

By Kevin Mattson


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