A Nation in Service

A large-scale program of national service would benefit the young people doing the work, the folks being helped—and, most of all, our increasingly divided country. We have today far more young people anxious to serve than we have slots for them to do so. What’s needed most now isn’t money. It’s political will.

The Reformicons

We all wonder if the reform conservatives can change their movement. But first, we ought to wonder if they really want to.

Law and Borders

Leaving immigration policy to the states may sound scary. But not every state is Arizona, and immigration federalism can work.

A Reality-Based Army

Iraq and Afghanistan notwithstanding, our modern (and happy) reality is that war is on the decline. We need an army sized to that reality.


The Inequality Puzzle

Thomas Piketty’s tour de force analysis doesn’t get everything right, but it’s certainly gotten us pondering the right questions.

From the Frame-Maker

Al From helped create the symbolic politics and policies of Bill Clinton’s presidency. Are they still relevant?

The Indignado

Matt Taibbi is one of our most scathing critics of corporate power. His new book pulls no punches—but sometimes swings and misses.


Editor’s Note

Michael Tomasky introduces Issue #33

Empathy and the Water’s Edge

Progressives can’t check their values at the door just because the President is a Democrat. A response to Brian Katulis.

Course Correction

Community colleges should be matching students to jobs, not funneling everyone into a four-year degree. A response to Richard D. Kahlenberg.

Letters to the Editor

Letters from our readers

Just Say Yes

The rise of a purely transactional culture—unfettered by obligation and accountability—lies at the heart of our decline. How do we reverse it?