Unfinished Business

The economy's made halting progress, but the recovery's leaving too many behind. A series of contributors take stock of where we've come in one part of the economy, and what's left to be done.
E.J. Dionne Jr. introduces the symposiumDavid Cay Johnston on TaxesMehrsa Baradaran on Banks Caroline Fredrickson on Families Lenny Mendonca & Laura Tyson on Entrepreneurs Adam Zurofsky on Corporations Amy B. Dean on Workers

By The Editors


Islam And Liberalism

What are the progressive roots within Islam, and can they be strengthened? A roundtable discussion.

By Hassan Abbas Keith Ellison Asra Q. Nomani Ani Zonneveld


Democracy's 10 Year Retrospective

A collection of our favorite essays and book reviews.

By The Editors


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Time to Rethink Motherhood Politics?

Motherhood politics has featured prominently at both party conventions. But is it actually doing more harm than good for women, and for feminism?

By Rebecca Heilweil


From Putin With Love

Did the DNC email hack inadvertently call attention to a story Trump would rather not discuss?

By Nathan Pippenger


The “Fracking” Ban Was Defeated, Now What?

The clash over the Democratic Platform Committee's refusal to include a "fracking ban" misses the broader picture. So where do we go from here?

By Anthony Ingraffea


Putting Slogans First

We don't like to think so, but yes, slogans do matter. Why hasn't Hillary come up with a good one?

By Kevin Mattson


Europe After Brexit: In Defense of the UK

The United Kingdom is far from the only country to blame for the EU’s problems—nor will it be the source of the Union’s disintegration or reform.

By Anand Menon


Could Better History Classes Have Stopped Trump?

Are Americans being forced to confront the history of World War II? And, if not, is this partly to blame for the widespread acceptance of Trump's rhetoric?

By Rebecca Heilweil


What’s the Purpose of an Acceptance Speech?

It can mobilize a majority, or forge one—or diminish one. Which path will Trump choose?

By William Galston

The Alcove

Which Republican Party?

Clearly, the Party of Trump is not the Party of Lincoln. But do Trump's conservative opponents really have their own compelling claim to that title?

By Nathan Pippenger


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