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From Putin With Love

Did the DNC email hack inadvertently call attention to a story Trump would rather not discuss?

By Nathan Pippenger

The “Fracking” Ban Was Defeated, Now What?

The clash over the Democratic Platform Committee's refusal to include a "fracking ban" misses the broader picture. So where do we go from here?

By Anthony Ingraffea

Putting Slogans First

We don't like to think so, but yes, slogans do matter. Why hasn't Hillary come up with a good one?

By Kevin Mattson

Europe After Brexit: In Defense of the UK

The United Kingdom is far from the only country to blame for the EU’s problems—nor will it be the source of the Union’s disintegration or reform.

By Anand Menon

Could Better History Classes Have Stopped Trump?

Are Americans being forced to confront the history of World War II? And, if not, is this partly to blame for the widespread acceptance of Trump's rhetoric?

By Rebecca Heilweil