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They’ll Always Have Welfare

The right’s addiction to blaming benefits shows no signs of abating.

By Elbert Ventura

Who Is Really Politically Correct?

How did a term with such a long history on the left get co-opted by the right?

By Kevin Mattson

How Bad Will Trump Be for Civil Rights?

Decades of “door-closing” have restricted citizens’ ability to protect their rights through the legal system. A new piece in The American Prospect shows just how bad it could get.

By Nathan Pippenger

Can Anybody Cover Trump?

2016 was a year of widespread institutional failure, the media included. Have they learned anything?

By Nathan Pippenger

The Huge Payoff For Killing Norms

A piece in Pacific Standard argues that Mitch McConnell's Supreme Court gambit was a political masterstroke.

By Nathan Pippenger