Jack Meserve

It’s an Outrage

Outrage can be useful, but our media and our attention is drenched in it. That’s a problem.

Gregory Mankiw is Confused About Reselling

Markets are great if they're for thousand-dollar scalped tickets. Economics textbooks, on the other hand...

The simple dignity of having a healthy mouth is reason enough to provide every American access to dental care.

A Health Policy with Teeth

Event: Cultural Literacy in the Twenty-First Century

On Friday, October 16, Democracy co-hosted an event with the Aspen Institute on what it means to be culturally literate in the twenty-first century, and what every American should know.

Botstein Discusses Democracy Essay on "Majority Report"

On the June 10th episode of "The Majority Report," Sam Seder interviewed Leon Botstein about his essay "Are We Still Making Citizens?" from Democracy's Spring 2015 issue.