Kevin Mattson

Who Is Really Politically Correct?

How did a term with such a long history on the left get co-opted by the right?

Direct Action Redux?

With Trump about to enter the White House, it is time for progressives to turn their attention away from the machinations of electoral politics and toward direct action.


With everyone on the left, from the Hillary supporters to Bernie enthusiasts, offering their own post-mortems, the truth about Clinton's defeat may lie somewhere in between.

Donald Trump, Shapeshifter

A recent article in The New Inquiry argues that, in the age of Trump, we no longer have a public, but rather multiple publics, each reinforcing its own preconceived notions.

“Hot Mic” Politics

A new article urges the Republican Party to abandon Trump as they did Richard Nixon after Watergate. But there is still a difference between a President facing impeachment and a candidate spouting sexist crudities.