Countering the Neocon Comeback

The neocons are back, and they’re trying to get Hillary Clinton’s ear. Which makes this exactly the moment for Clinton to forge her own distinct path.

What New Left History Gave Us

The New Left historians’ withering critiques of liberalism have proven enormously influential. But do they hold up in our more conservative age?

Infiltrate the NSA

To re-establish the balance between security and civil liberties, we don’t just need more laws. We need more civil libertarians in the security state.

The Disability Cliff

We’re pretty good about caring for our disabled citizens—as long as they’re children. It’s time to put equal thought into their adulthoods.

Why Liberals Need Radicals—and Vice Versa

Much has changed in American liberalism since the New Deal, but nothing quite so much as the loss of its fighting spirit.


American Progressives and Israel

Defenders of Israel ignore the suffering it has caused. Critics dismiss the threats it faces. We need to navigate the space between these two positions.

Pilotless Program

Drones have made possible a new kind of war. But unmanned warfare has brought with it the danger of foreign policy on autopilot.

Bring Back Corruption!

Our political system has grown increasingly corrupt precisely because conservative jurists have so narrowed the word’s meaning.

What’s Right with Human Rights

News flash: Human rights law has not altered human nature. But in numerous instances, it has altered human behavior.

Automation for the People?

We know what we gain in letting machines and algorithms do our work for us. But what do we lose?

In Plain Sight

Poor people can be the panhandler at your subway stop—but they can also be your neighbor. Who can call themselves poor, and who deserves help?


Editor’s Note

Michael Tomasky introduces Issue #35

The Reason for Reagan

Understanding Ronald Reagan requires looking beyond clichés to the cultural climate of the time. A response to Jacob Weisberg.

Software Is Eating the Law

Why sandboxes are not enough. A response to Jessica Rosenworcel.

Letters to the Editor

Letters from our readers

The Age of Insolubility

The world seemed to spiral into crisis this past summer. But what’s really new aren’t the crises—it’s the fact that they are now unignorable.