Donald Trump

Have We Figured Out Trumpism Yet?

One thing we do know: It's not economic populism.

By Kevin Mattson

Pay Them More

Listen to Democracy board member Nick Hanauer's straight talk in this BBC interview about why workers are angry.

By The Editors

Protests, Politics, and the Plight of Refugees

People were right to loudly protest Trump’s appalling Muslim ban. But a better refugee policy requires more than opposition to blatant cruelty.

By Nathan Pippenger

Why Progressives Can't Have a Tea Party

Why it's a mistake to completely recast the progressive movement against Trump in the image of the Tea Party.

By Michael Brooks Luke Mayville

Just Show Up

The key to success for progressives will be to capitalize on the power of those bodies that were present at recent protests, including at the women's marches.

By David S. Cohen and Tabatha Abu El-Haj