Foreign Policy

Trump’s Doctrine of Unpredictability

Trump's foreign policy "unpredictability" might just be cluelessness.

By Michael H. Fuchs

Obama’s Flawed Foreign Policy

Did he understand the world a little too well?

By Heather Hurlburt

The Roots of the Turkish Crisis

Attempted coups aren’t new in Turkey. What’s brought it to this point—and where it may head from here.

By Sophia Pandya

A Bipartisan Foreign Policy for the Trump Presidency

A leading foreign-policy Democrat lays out five areas in which he hopes for bipartisan consensus.

By Sen. Chris Coons

How Much Punishment for a Lasting Peace?

Can Colombia, still reeling from the shocking October 2 disapproval of the peace plan, correct course?

By Jennifer McCoy Henry (Chip) Carey