Charles Kupchan

Strained Skepticism

A coalition of moderate Democrats and moderate Republicans provided a critical foundation for U.S. foreign policy throughout the long decades of the Cold War. That coalition is today under threat—and more from the Republicans than from the Democrats.

Grand Strategy: The Four Pillars of the Future

Tectonic shifts in international affairs and in political and economic conditions within the United States call for reconsideration of the first principles of American grand strategythe fundamental tenets guiding the nations statecraft. The global landscape is fast changing due to...

The Autonomy Rule

The end of Western dominance means a new foreign policy principle is needed to advance international order.

Strengthen Regional Cooperation

The U.S. invasion of Iraq has stirred up sectarian tensions well beyond Iraqs borders and destroyed the regional balance of power that had existed between a theocratic, Shia-led Iran and the secular, Sunni-led regime of Saddam Hussein. As the United...