Democracy Named Best New Publication of 2007

Democracy has been named the best new publication in the 2007 Utne Independent Press Awards.

By The Editors

Democracy has been named the best new publication in the 2007 Utne Independent Press Awards. Democracy is honored to be chosen from among five finalists, not to mention the hundreds of titles to debut over the last year, by one of the oldest and most respected voices in the progressive press.

They were 111 nominees in 15 categories that were chosen from an universe of more than 1,300 independent publications. Since 1989, these awards have showcased the best from the Independent Press in categories ranging from reporting excellence to personal life, cultural, and international coverage. In their citation, Utne had this to say about Democracy:

Heavy intellectual hitters in the world of politics, including Dennis Ross, Joseph Nye, Jr., and Anne-Marie Slaughter, have their say in the pages of Democracy. From the first issue, when Kathryn Roth-Douquet called on progressives to enlist in the military, this quarterly “journal of ideas” has consistently presented fresh perspectives on American foreign policy and politics. Democracy fills a void in today’s media landscape: It’s an intelligent, wide-ranging political magazine committed to “grooming the next generation of progressive thought-leaders.” Conservatives have magazines like the National Review, Commentary, and National Interest to arm their troops for battle. Editors Kenneth Baer and Andrei Cherny conceived their journal as a way for the left to do the same. Contributors often contradict each other, with every issue devoting space to responses to the previous issue’s points of view. Ultimately, the editors hope these disagreements, polemics, and discussions will strengthen the progressive movement in the United States.

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The Editors of Democracy: A Journal of Ideas are Michael Tomasky (Editor), Jack Meserve (Managing Editor), and Delphine d'Amora (Associate Editor).

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