What Should Obama Do About Climate Change?

Barack Obama’s presidential campaign should turn to the upcoming issue of Democracy for fresh thinking on how to combat global warming, suggests the Washington Post‘s Sebastian Mallaby.

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What would an Obama administration do about global warming? The Washington Post‘s Sebastian Mallaby believes Obama needs to embrace an idea that will be found in the upcoming issue of Democracy. Mallaby writes:

Democracy: A Journal of Ideas has a neat climate proposal in its next issue. Instead of charging drivers for car insurance at a fixed rate, why not link the insurance cost to the number of miles driven? That would create a new incentive to drive less, cutting carbon dioxide emissions by around 130 million tons per year, according to author Jason Bordoff. Obama should be celebrating this sort of creative thought…

You can find Mallaby’s full piece here.

We’ve decided to release Bordoff’s article early; you can find it here.

The Washington Post

The Editors of Democracy: A Journal of Ideas are Michael Tomasky (Editor), Jack Meserve (Managing Editor), and Delphine d'Amora (Associate Editor).

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