Democracy & CFED Co-Host Discussion on Mobility

Democracy and the Corporation for Enterprise Development (CFED) co-hosted The Forgotten 40 Percent: Restoring American Opportunity, a discussion highlighting the economic imperative of rebuilding wealth and encouraging greater mobility among middle-class and working households.

By Elbert Ventura

Democracy & CFED Co-Host Panel Discussion

Among the biggest challenges facing the Administration and Congress is restoring the battered fortunes of American households. Please join Democracy and CFED Nov. 27 for an expert discussion on one of the top issues facing policy-makers in the wake of the election.

By Elbert Ventura

The Forgotten 40 Percent

Four years ago this month, the economy caved in. The collapse of Lehman Brothers set off a cascade that would paralyze the banking industry and plunge our economy into a deep recession. But even before Lehmans collapse, the fundamentals of...

By The Editors

Asset Building: Now More Than Ever

It is impossible these days to ignore the steady drumbeat of evidence of the nations grim economic prospects. Public opinion surveys report that most Americans no longer believe that their children will have better lives than they did. And recent,...

By Andrea Levere

Ownership and Debt: Minding the Balance Sheet

For the last 20 years, Ive been part of a field called asset building, a clunky name for a game-changing idea. That idea is that the poor need assetssuch as savings for college and retirement, or a small business or...

By Ray Boshara