Campaign Finance

Seattle’s Creative Campaign Finance Reform

Do Seattle's Democracy Vouchers offer hope for a reinvigorated democracy post-Citizens United?

By Hanna Brooks Olsen

Stopping Supreme Court Nonsense Before It Starts

The GOP's nonsensical "election year" rule is not politics as usual. Liberals should not only reject it now, but hope that Democrats renounce it in the future.

By Nathan Pippenger

Quid Pro Con

The Supreme Court’s narrow definition of corruption threatens not just campaign finance law, but the very idea of the public good. A response to Lee Drutman.

Bring Back Corruption!

Our political system has grown increasingly corrupt precisely because conservative jurists have so narrowed the word’s meaning.

By Lee Drutman

Hate the Game

Yes, we have to reform the rules of campaign finance. But we cant tie our hands in the meantime. A response to Russ Feingold.

By Bill Burton