Consumer Protection

The Risk of an Anti-Consumer CFPB

One of the great ironies behind the longstanding fight over the CFPB is how uncontroversial the laws the agency has focused on are.

By Christopher L. Peterson

Don't Overthink This

There's no doubt that Democrats face a lot of problems, but their challenges are far from insurmountable.

By Nathan Pippenger

Will Congress Remove Consumer Credit "Seat Belts"?

The CFPB has faced criticism not because it is out of control, but because it is effective.

By Christopher L. Peterson

Still a Jungle

In an environment of drug-resistant pathogens and pink slime, why do the food industry and government place the onus for safety on consumers?

By Adam Sheingate

Consumer Financial Protection Bureau, a Democracy Idea, Opens Today

At the onset of the global financial crisis, Elizabeth Warren proposed in our pages a government agency that would be tasked with preventing future catastrophes by overseeing the financial products offered to consumers by banks and other credit agencies. Today, Warren's Consumer Financial Protection Bureau will officially open for business.

By Jacob Anbinder