Cleansing Ourselves of Trumpism

We can’t wish away the resentments he’s stoked. But we can counter them.

By Jim Sleeper

A Culture for American Democracy

Politics follows culture, as we know, and not the other way around. So can we create a culture that can sustain a better politics—and a vibrant democracy?

By Melody Barnes

To Fight Another Day

The election result brought relief more than anything else. But the fight for democracy is a long way from over.

By Fernand Amandi

Rolling Back Reproductive Rights

Trump’s assaults in this realm are part of a battle over bodily autonomy that goes back to fights over slavery and eugenics.

By Michele Goodwin

Democracy Is an Act—One That Doesn't End on Election Day

The President of the United States is exploiting a deadly pandemic to ratchet up his assault on democracy, sow chaos, and delegitimize the upcoming election.

By Hillary Rodham Clinton