The Budget's Harmful Cuts to Energy

Every part of DOE’s energy and science enterprise will be hit, and likely hit hard.

By Jeff Navin

The Return of Rick Perry

Three jobs: First, he was governor of Texas. Second, he was a failed presidential candidate. Third, he'll be...

By Nathan Pippenger

There Will Be Oil

Suddenly, the United States is energy rich. The problem is that were still guided by policies that assume the opposite.

By Jason Bordoff

America 2021: What Next on Climate?

The effort to address climate change stumbled with the failure to pass cap-and-trade. What should happen now? Five experts discuss the future of U.S. climate and energy policy.

By The Climate and Energy Roundtable

Natural Gas: Boon or Burden to Local Economies?

Resource extraction needs to be taxed, and the proceeds invested in developing a more diverse local economy, if gas drilling regions are to wind up better off than they were before.

By Susan Christopherson and Ned Rightor