Theaters of Coercion

Intellectuals and activists have struggled to transform Iran. But Tehran's role in the changing landscape of the Middle East has become the defining story.

By Danny Postel

The Hezbollah Problem

To defang Iran, and help Lebanon and Israel, we must demilitarize Hezbollah. Which means we'll have to talk to them.

By Steven Simon and Jonathan Stevenson

The Debate Inside Iran

Some fascinating Iranian intellectuals are laying the groundwork for democracy. What chance of success do they have?

By Nader Hashemi

Persian Politicking

Mahmoud Ahmadinejad is not just a buffoonish figurehead, but part of a larger power struggle within Iran. We dismiss him at our peril.

By Abbas Milani

Engage Iran

We may not leave Baghdad with Iraqis scrambling to the roof of our billion-dollar embassy and clinging to the struts of departing American helicopters, but we will likely bequeath a state incapable of protecting its people or defending its...

By Suzanne Maloney and Ray Takeyh