The New Libertarian Elitists

What’s behind the dangerous new notion that democracy should be left to the well-educated.

By Henry Farrell Hugo Mercier Melissa Schwartzberg

This Land Is Our Land

The eminent-domain issue cuts across ideological lines. Even as progressives wrestle with it, libertarians have offered a less than convincing critique.

By Jedediah Purdy

Self-Made in America

Self-reliance is a good thing—but its fetishization has created an elite oblivious to the role luck and privilege play in people’s lives.

By Elbert Ventura

“Moocher Class” Warfare

How four decades of radical individualism diminished society and gave rise to the Tea Party.

By Daniel T. Rodgers

The Myth of the Middle

Why we should be skeptical about the current mania for a third party that appeals to independents and libertarians.