Yes, Let Us Have Peace. But...

We must try to move forward. But we must remember and pronounce, not idealize or excuse, those who put us through these four searing years.

By Brandon R. Byrd

Democracy Is an Act—One That Doesn't End on Election Day

The President of the United States is exploiting a deadly pandemic to ratchet up his assault on democracy, sow chaos, and delegitimize the upcoming election.

By Hillary Rodham Clinton

Holding Trump—and Future Trumps—Accountable

Overhauling our anti-corruption statutes so that the next Trump can’t get away with what Trump has.

By Neera Tanden

Trashing Science

The war on science, from the pandemic to the wildfires to so many fronts, is a war on evidence and truth.  

By Gregg Gonsalves

When Will Our Schools Be Safe?

Both reopening schools and teaching remotely carry important drawbacks for children and parents alike. A pediatrician tells Democracy about the best path forward for educating our kids during COVID.

By Hannah Lichtsinn