Name the Enemy

Liberalism isn’t just about proposing solutions. It’s also about defeating those who would prevent them.

By Jack Meserve

There's Only One Realistic Home for Anti-Trump Voices

Practically speaking, partisanship is the only way to address what should be a nonpartisan issue.

By Nathan Pippenger

Facing up to Disagreement

An essay in Boston Review reminds us that there was a dark side to the era of genteel bipartisan dealmaking and points to a way forward in a polarized era.

By Nathan Pippenger

Tear Down This Wall

The Berlin Wall was one thing, but the wall that separates American from American is much more daunting.

By William Budinger Mickey Edwards

Yes, Labels!

Anti-partisanship is a permanent feature of American apolitical thought. It will mark American politics in 2024 as it does today. While party activists battle one another, each claiming they are on the side of the angels, critics demonize them all...

By Nancy L. Rosenblum