The Long, Long, Long Run

Can we think so far into the future that we end up giving short shrift to the present?

By Rob Reich Lorenzo Manuali

Philanthropic Harm

Not only can’t philanthropy replace a strong public sector—it needs one to promote the common good effectively.

By Mark Schmitt

Democracy and the Donor Class

Foundations and philanthropists do much good, but these unelected actors have acquired enormous power to shape policy. Should they be reined in?

By Gara LaMarche

An Open Letter to Patriotic Philanthropists

Dear Fellow Citizen, Shortly before the election last fall, The New York Times ran an editorial about the flood of independent money in the campaign. The editors noted, The business interests behind those hundreds of millions are not going to...

By Bill Moyers Arnold Hiatt

Curing Philanthropy's Blind Spot: One Percent for Democracy

Early in 2009, in the heat of the battle on Capitol Hill over financial reform, Senator Dick Durbin was interviewed by a Chicago radio host about how the negotiations were going. Durbin lamented, The bankshard to believe in a time...

By Nick Penniman Ian Simmons