Progressive Visions of Space Exploration

Republicans have been all too eager to seize the mantle of space policy leadership. As we near the 50th anniversary of Apollo 8, it's time Democrats reclaim it.

By Peter Juul

Automation for the People?

We know what we gain in letting machines and algorithms do our work for us. But what do we lose?

By Christine Rosen

Genetic Code

Our regulatory regime for genetic research is a confusing thicket of rulings and guidelines. But there’s an elegant solution to the problem: copyright law.

By Ben Merriman

Bioprogressive America

Since the nation’s founding, progress in the Enlightenment sense has been key to the idea of America. A corollary belief has been an exceptional level of investment in creating a political, legal, and financial environment that encouraged scientific innovation.

By Jonathan Moreno

The Science Wars Redux

Fifteen years after the Sokal Hoax, attacks on "objective knowledge" that were once the province of the left have been taken up by the right.

By Michael Bérubé